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 email a-zone@telus.net 

Or call 780-305-1282.

​Currently we do not have E-Commerce however we do accept EMTs (electronic money transfer) for all orders.  If you have any questions or inquires please be sure to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

​Hit Factor Shooting Supply LLC are supplies of The Original Shellplate Bearing Kits for Dillon reloading machines.  This does include the 550, 650 and 1050 machines. 

Thanks, Jim & Tracy. 
Please check out the sites of CED, DAA, CZ Customs, and Hit Factor Shooting Supply for a view of what can be brought in from these dealers. The prices on these websites are not our prices, they are usually in US dollars or Euros. When we bring in the products we calculate the prices including duty, taxes, shipping and exchange rates, we then offer the best prices possible to our customers, and save them the hassle and time of shipping things in themselves. Please contact us for current prices. We will ship to any Canadian province via Canada post or any other means you may wish, shipping cost are extra. We accept EMT or Cash and once we gain a relationship with customers we will also accept Cheques. We try to keep a fair amount of stock on hand but cannot possibly keep everything that these dealers provide and usually bring in large orders every month to 6 weeks. We will provide pricing on anything we have or can get and can usually provide the price of shipping costs as well with a postal code.
CZ Custom provides parts and accessories for the many CZ (Czeska Zabrovska) firearms produced in the Czech Republic. The CZ Shadow is one of the most popular firearm used in the IPSC Production Division and has won many championships. We however do not have the licensing to bring in and sell firearms, barrels and frames but can provide most all the parts needed to keep your CZ running and in top condition.
The products we have and can provide are within the websites listed for the 6 dealers named throughout our website. CED has a wide range of products and are a distributor of DAA products and have many accessories for the competitive shooter and is of top quality used by many of the world’s top shooters and organizations. 

These distributorships allow us to carry and stock a wide variety of products for the competitive shooter. Thus we have an enclosed trailer we bring to the matches to have product on hand and available immediately for those in need.


We are active competitive handgun shooters who started shooting IPSC, myself in 2005 and my wife in 2009. Over the years we have seen the need for suppliers to be present at the matches we attend to supply the competitors with products they require when they require and want them. No better place than at the matches where we compete and thus I started A-Zone and gained distributorships for CED (Competitive Edge Dynamics), CZ Custom, DAA (Double Alpha Academy), andHit Factor Shooting Supply LLC.

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