#10010  Extra Long Ejector 30 / 9 mm / 40 SS

#10011  Extra Long Ejector 38 / 9 mm / 40 Blue

#10030  11-PC Pin Set Blue

#10031  High Quality 11 pc Pin Set SS

#10040  EGW Hard Sear 1911

#10050  HD Ball Head Disconnector

#10170 Hammer Strut SS

#10190 Recoil Shock Buffers (6 pack)

#10202  EGW Lightened Hammer

#10303 Barrel Link - 2

#10304 Barrel Link - 3

#10412  Tungsten STI 5" Guide Rod 1-pc

#10600 Firing Pin Spring ISMI

#10609  Recoil Spring ISMI 9 lb

#10611 Recoil Spring ISMI 11 lb

​#10612  Recoil Spring ISMI 1911 12.5 lb

#10614  Recoil Spring ISMI 1911 14 lb

​#10616  Recoil Spring ISMI 16 lb

#10618 Recoil Spring ISMI 1911 18 lb

#10620  Recoil Spring ISMI 20 lb

#10663 20 lbs Flat Wire Spring

#10670  Mag Catch Spring ISMI

#10680  Plunger Tube Spring

#11003  EGW Heavy Duty Slide Stope Machined from Barstock 200" 45 SS

#11100  EGW Standard Mag Catch Blue#11140  Mag Catch Lock Slotted Head SS

#11120  HD Higher Mag Catch Blue#11143  Mag Catch Lock Hex Head Blue

#11140  Mag Catch Lock Slotted Head SS

#11160  Round Mag Button

#11380  Grip Screw Hex Head SS (pkg of 4)

​#11381  Grip Screw Escutcheon SS (pkg of 4)

#11383  Gri Screw Esutcheons Blue (pkg of 4)

#12070 Gov't Keyed Reverse Plug

#70000 Replacement Decapping Pin

#70010  Undersize Reloading Die, 9mm Lugar

#70012 Undersize Reloading Die, 40 S&W / 10 mm  

#90011   Round Mag Button Checkered SS

#90012  Round Mag Button Blue Checkered


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Unfortunately we are no longer able to import gun parts from EGW due to the ITAR regulations which have prohibited them from sending gun parts to Canada.  We do still have in a limited supply of parts available.  We can still bring in dies and other items so Please contact Jim at a-zone@telus.net or 780-305-1282 to inquire if we have what you need in stock.

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